Medicare Resources Limited is committed to sharing God’s love with the people in Mainland China through providing medical care and ministering to other social service needs.


The vision and burden for establishing Medicare Resources began with visits, by several Christians, to the Zhongnan Seminary, clinics and hospitals in Wuhan and rural medical facilities all located in Hubei Province. Following visits to rural medical facilities and discussions with the provincial health department we were encouraged to establish our first clinic in cooperation with the Zhongnan Seminary. To carry out this work, Medicare Resources Limited was established as a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong on 5 March 1997.

Scope of Services


  1. Establish gospel hospital, loving heart clinics and pharmacy
  2. Loving heart mobile clinics
  3. Provide free medical consultation services to the poor & needy
  4. Rural health care and hygiene education
  5. Support medical related projects and facilities
  6. Establish Needy Patients Fund
  7. Level up the general medical standard (seminars/talks/exchange conferences)


  1. Provide financial assistance to poor students
  2. Recruit short term/long term English teachers to improve English standard of local students
  3. Support the construction and improvement of school/training centre facilities

Poverty Relief

  1. Work with local churches to deliver food to the needy families during Lunar New Years
  2. Support agricultural projects in towns and villages
  3. Provide micro loans to needy people and families
  4. Establish Poor Families & Needy Patients Fund

Community Development

  1. Support rural clean water projects
  2. Support road construction and repair projects in rural towns and villages
  3. Improve social service facilities
  4. Establish elderly homes and orphanages

Disaster Relief

  1. Provide financial assistance to victims of natural disasters and support reconstruction work of churches and homes

Contact Us

Address: Room 506, Golden Gate Commercial Building, 136-138 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 852 – 2369 6550

Fax: 852 – 2369 9544

E-mail: hkmedicare@yahoo.com

Whatsapp: 852 – 9256 3011